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Coach Rafter has worked with athletes for almost 14 years now.  In that time, over 500 have gone on to play at the collegiate level amounting to over $20 million in scholarships.  An additional 10 athletes have gone on to play in the NFL.

Elite Services Offered

Whether you are looking for private lessons or full promotion to the pros, we offer it all:

  • Private 1-1 Lessons w/video analysis and motion training
  • Group lessons, school visits, camps and invitationals
  • Special filming sessions, college scholarship recruiting film production, expertise and promotion programs
  • NFL training and NFL promotion plans and packages
  • Motivational speaking and consultation
  • Fitness training and position specific body building

Qualifying Coach Rafter as a coach:

  • Explore the athletic and coaching background of the nation's #1 special team's guru
  • Review the NFL players coached and promoted by RPT and what they did specifically with us that led to the NCAA and to the NFL
  • Read what NFL players and college and high school coaches, parents and athletes have had to say about Coach Rafter

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